Christian Resources


e-Sword is one of the best Bibles for the PC. There are hundreds of translations, resources, commentaries, maps, pictures, and even online tutorials on how to use it.  Some of the downloads cost, but the majority is completely free. Click on the icon or the link above to go to e-Sword and check it out.
ChristianAudio has audio-book downloads available, many of them discounted, but every month they give away a current, popular audio-book for free that can then be played on your computer, downloaded to an mp3 player, or burned to a CD or DVD. You have to create an account, but the free download does not require a credit card number. A credit card is necessary only if you buy something.

Music Revolution
Music Revolution is a site for professionals to download music for commercial use, but they also allow charities and non-profits to use some of the music for free. This will help alleviate any copyright issues for our church slideshows and videos that wind up on youtube.